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  • COVID Safety at the Dome

    Posted September 11, 2020

    COVID-19 Safety Information at The Dome

    AYSC teams will be moving inside to the Dome Tuesday, October 6th so we wanted to start educating our families about what the Dome has been doing to keep everyone healthy this summer and what they are working on for this fall and winter.

    The Dome has been running a summer camp with 100 kids and has had zero cases of COVID. They have been very diligent with the staff and facility to make sure everything is sanitized and traffic flow is controlled.

    Below are a few examples of how the Dome is working to keep things operating inside.

    Facility Space

    The Dome is the largest air-supported building of its kind in North America, constantly pulling in fresh air due to the nature of its design. At over 10,000,000 cubic feet with 180,000 square feet of floor space.


    Using a variety of tools, including our new electrostatic sprayer, we sanitize our facility extensively using EPA-approved sanitizers as recommended by the CDC. High-touch surfaces such as switches, handles, railings, and bathroom fixtures are sanitized every hour. Gym equipment is sanitized in between each user, and sharing equipment without sanitizing is not allowed.

    Traffic patterns

    We’ve reconfigured the traffic flow within the facility in order to minimize contact between different user groups. Visitors to the facility will find a new traffic pattern than in previous seasons. We’ve closed our upstairs lounge and spaced bleachers widely to prevent grouping.


    Read more about what the Dome is doing to keep everyone safe when we move inside at

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