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2021 Player Registration
Posted Jan 3, 2021

Recreational Player - Spring Season April-May, 2021  - Recreational Player Spring Registration

Timber & Thorn Player Registration 2021 - Comp Player 2021 Registration

Anchorage Youth Soccer Club
December Checklist Challenge
Posted Sep 25, 2020

We are having a Competition to keep our Timber & Thorn players active and engaged over the holidays! We challenge you to do as many activities as you can and check them off as you go. Send this form to your coach by January 5th to be entered into the competition. The player from each team that has the most activities will win a prize. If there is a tie there will be a juggle off at practice on Jan 5th so keep juggling over break!

Timber & Thorn Uniforms


Uniform Numbers - You will enter your assigned number when ordering so make sure you enter the correct number and if you want to change numbers or do not have a number then you must communicate with your coach and decide on a number that works for the whole team. Coaches and managers have a master list of the entire club so they will know what numbers are open. Jersey numbers are listed on your Team Connect roster so you can look and see what number is listed for your player if you need a reminder.

If you are a seasonal player or taking time off in January please touch base with your coach to make sure your jersey number doesn't need to change prior to placing your order when you return to the team.



COVID Return to Play
Posted Sep 24, 2020

Review our current Return to Play Phase from Alaska Youth Soccer Association


AYSC Return to Play phase II for Outdoor and Indoor play.


AYSC Club Highlights
Posted Mar 14, 2020

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