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Competitive 2022 registration is OPEN

Our Timber & Thorn teams are for competitive players who want to develop to their full potential. The competitive program is designed to develop players and teams by playing other competitive teams and participating in local tournaments. Licensed coaches motivate Timber/Thorn players to be their best whether traveling as a team outside Alaska or playing in the 49th State.

2022 Training Calendar for AYSC Players

Competitive Player Handbook

Alaska State Futsal Game Schedule

Soccer Fees for 2022 (Jan-Dec)

Our fiscal year will follow the calendar year, January - December, and the fee per player will include everything except out of town travel and uniforms.

Fees for the 2022 season (Jan-Dec) will include;

  • All indoor & outdoor practices 
  • All indoor & outdoor games
  • All indoor & outdoor skills
  • All indoor & outdoor goalie training
  • 5 weeks of Team training at Elite Sports Performance
  • Club overhead
  • Coach fees
  • Club fees
  • Two, player evaluations per year 
  • AYS Competitive Fall Futsal League 
  • Team entry into the Alaska Airlines Cup
  • Team entry into the Far North Tournament
  • Team entry into the Alaska State Tournament 

This inclusive registration fee will include a $350 non-refundable registration fee for the 1st month of playing soccer, the rest of the soccer year will be broken up into a monthly cost which will vary per age group.

Pay in full Discount

If you choose to pay for the entire year all at once then you will receive a 1-month discount. Britta Manning, our Office Administrator will issue a credit back onto your credit card if you paid in full. The amount credited will be the cost for 1 month of soccer for the age group of the child/children registered. If you do not play soccer for the entire year you do not qualify for this discount.


If you are not playing soccer year round then you are responsible for filling out the AYSC Prorate Form at the time of your registration. You will pay the non-refundable $350 registration fee and then you will pay the monthly amount for the months that you will be participating in soccer. We can not piece out weeks within a month as all of our expenses are calculated per month or per year so if you play for 2 weeks of a month you will have to cover the expenses for that entire month.

AYSC 2022 Fees


  • 2012 & 2013 Comp Players will pay $350 for the first month then $205/month for the next 11 months.
  • 2010 & 2011 Comp Players will pay $350 for the first month then $210/month for the next 11 months.
  • 2009 Comp Players will pay $350 for the first month then $225/month for the next 11 months.
  • 2008 - 2004 Comp Players will pay $350 for the first month then $240/month for the next 11 months. (Kids playing high school soccer will be prorated per month of playing high school soccer)

UNIFORMS; Our kits are ordered from Tursi Soccer. All NEW Players will need to order kits and we will use these kits starting in January 2021 for the next 2 years.

Order your Timber & Thorn Fan Gear on Tursi's website -

Automatic Payment Plans are available at the time of registration. Contact AYSC’s Financial Manager, Erin Webb if further arrangements need to be made regarding payments on your account.

SCHOLARSHIPS - AYSC also has a scholarship program. Players can be awarded a % off of the season fee after the scholarship committee reviews all applications. For more information regarding our scholarship program please click on this link. Scholarships

CODE OF CONDUCT – AYSC has a high expectation of our parents to set a good example and help make youth soccer an enjoyable experience for all involved. Please remember this when cheering at your child’s game, we do not want parents yelling at the referees, trying to coach their kid on the field, or arguing with parents/coaches on the other team. If you have a matter to discuss with a coach please wait 24 hours prior to addressing the issue and stay calm and discuss the issue with the people involved in a mature manner. You sign a parent code of conduct when you register so make sure to read the information and follow accordingly. If you can’t follow our code of conduct you may be asked to leave AYSC.

OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR – Britta Manning is AYSC’s Office Administrator make sure to contact her with any questions and respond to her emails in a timely manner. The office email is [email protected].

TEAM MANAGERS – AYSC uses volunteers to help manage the team with team events, communication, and team travel. All teams are required to have at least 1 team manager. Team managers are to have good communication with coaches, parents, and club administrators. Make sure to respond to emails in a timely manner to your team manager as they are volunteering their time and do not wish to send multiple emails requesting information.

For more information, please contact the Technical Director, Jo Reid @ [email protected], if you have already tried out for a team or you are joining back with your team after a break then follow the steps below...

2022 Competitive Soccer Registration Link -

If you are looking to register for a recreational team please go to the Recreational  Soccer Page on our Website and use the link provided on that page.

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